Kanye West Took A Break From Working On ‘Donda’ To Hang Out With The Atlanta United Crowd

Kanye West’s next album, Donda, is on its way. West, who held a highly anticipated listening party for the still yet to be completed album in Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium late last week, has been holed up at the home of the Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta United working on it ever since, with a new target release date of August 6.

What is making this album process even more fascinating is that he’s seemingly commandeered a room in the stadium to continue working on it, even while events are ongoing. On Saturday, Ye’s stay at the Benz overlapped with Atlanta United playing host to the Columbus Crew, so he decided to take a stroll around the stadium and hang out with Atlanta United supporters during the game, posting videos of his afternoon taking in some MLS action on Instagram.

As many have pointed out, Kanye appears to be wearing the same thing he was for the album listening party, as maybe even he wasn’t prepared for this long of a stay at the stadium.

Naturally every other comment on his video is some form of “drop the album,” but it is pretty funny that while the world is watching for info on the much-anticipated release, he’s just out here posting videos of fans chanting at a soccer game with no commentary of his own. It’s great pub for Atlanta United, if nothing else, and it’s good to see Kanye taking a little break from a long day in his makeshift studio to take in some soccer.