A Chinese Karate Black Belt And A Canadian Wing Chun Artist’s Fight To Determine The Best Style Ends In A KO

07.17.17 8 months ago

A few decades ago, the UFC was founded on the premise of determining the best fighting style. Now the sport has developed into a finely-tuned machine wrought with homogenized martial arts that have blended simply into what can be called “MMA.” Sure, some fighters absolutely rely on their wrestling or striking, but we don’t truly see a battle of styles anymore, at least on a mainstream scale. But, a burgeoning underground fight scene is delivering those special fights in small corners of the world.

The latest battle was a friendly fight offer from Vietnamese karate black belt Doan Bao Chau to Canadian Wing Chun artist Pierre Francois Flores, who flew to Hanoi to test his style vs Chau’s style. As you can see, the much bigger Flores won via head kick knockout.

Still, the men were friendly after and went out to eat after their work was done.

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