Ken Block Is Back With ‘Gymkhana Six: The Ultimate Grid Obstacle Course’

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Way back in July of 2012, I got to spend a few minutes talking to rally car racer and all-around vehicular badass Ken Block about his latest video racing masterpiece, “Gymkhana Five: Ultimate Urban Playground,” which featured the real life answer to almost every Jason Statham character driving his bat-out-of-hell Ford Fiesta through the streets of San Francisco. If you haven’t read that interview, you should, but the basic gist was that he’s insanely good at what he does and he loves every second of it.

Block is back this week with “Gymkhana Six: The Ultimate Grid Obstacle Course,” and just when you think that he has run out of things to drive around at ridiculous speeds while narrowly avoiding horrible crashes, he peels some smoke in your face and tells you that you’re wrong.

How much would you have to pay me to be one of the guys on the Segway? A lot. And at least two new pairs of pants would be involved.

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