Watch A Tooth Go Flying After An Anaheim Ducks Player Took A Brutal Punch To The Face

Hockey players are no strangers to losing teeth. Often times it happens after taking a puck or stick to the face, but teeth can also be sacrificed when guys drop the gloves and engage in a battle of fisticuffs. However, it’s not all that common to see a guy’s tooth literally go flying out of his mouth during a fight.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened to Anaheim Ducks defenseman Kevin Bieksa when he fought Mike Fisher of the Nashville Predators during the first period of their game on Tuesday night. After taking a Fisher punch straight to the kitchen, one of Bieksa’s chiclets could be seen leaving his mouth as he attempted to throw a counter-punch. The tooth looked like it was still hanging on by a thread, but one would assume it didn’t stay that way for long. RIP poor tooth.

That hurts just to watch, but honestly, if you can knock a dude’s tooth out with one punch, you should get to skip your five-minute major for fighting. That seems pretty fair to me.