Watch This Kid Battle A Mean Bout Of Hiccups During This Epic National Anthem

Entertainment Writer

When it comes to singing the national anthem, no matter what nation it may be for, the pressure is on you to do a good job. It could just be for a company softball game or some sort of tractor pull, you’re still representing your entire nation in that moment and do not want to fail.

So what happens when this kid is putting the entire nation on his shoulders and comes down with serious bout of hiccups? He soldiers through, that’s what happens. There was likely a moment where he wanted to lie down and weep at the shame he was bringing on his country and family, but then he decided the proper thing to do was finish the song. And he finished strong, much like the kid in The Dark Knight Rises, but with better results.

He then earns himself a round of applause from the crowd and both teams, including a batch of high fives from the home team in Adelaide. It was a good laugh for all involved and a hard act to follow. Who knew Australia had a national anthem that wasn’t just pirate shanties and baseball teams that weren’t just staffed by kangaroos.

You could likely win countless World Series rings with an all kangaroo team, dressed like people. And this kid could sing their anthem.


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