Kingsford Charcoal Just Lit Up The NCAA With A Special Edition Package

A relationship with the NCAA can be quite lucrative, but apparently the people at Kingsford Charcoal decided that taking a swipe at the governing body for collegiate sports was worth more. I’m sure the prospect of free publicity didn’t hurt either.

Today, Kingsford unveiled a new charcoal bag with the hashtag #PayEd, an image of former UCLA forward Ed O’Bannon, and the tagline “Lights 25 percent faster. Doesn’t burn athletes.” on the package.

Here’s a statement from Kingsford:

“Kingsford Charcoal has become one of the many companies to use the likeness of a former amateur basketball player for marketing purposes during that mad, mad month of March. Kingsford is just adding a surprising twist: the charcoal brand is actually going to pay that player — Ed O’Bannon — for placing him on the front of a limited bag of charcoal.”

O’Bannon, as you may recall, spearheaded and settled a lawsuit with EA Sports last summer and won a key court battle against the NCAA for the practice of using a college athlete’s likeness without compensating them.

Kingsford will be compensating O’Bannon, at least partially, by paying him $1 per tweet with the hashtag #PayEd (up to $25,000).

If only Dan Patrick got this kind of love when his doppelganger graced the Kingsford bag.

(Source: Yahoo Sports)