Kobe Bryant Had The Perfect Response To The Infamous Twitter-Fueled Temecula ‘Fight’

The story of two men fighting on Twitter over Kobe Bryant has now gone nuclear. We told you about it last week but it bears repeating, mostly because the Temecula thing happened while you guys were celebrating the holidays.

In short, a Twitter user that goes by @MyTweetsRealAF got into it with @SnottieDrippen about Kobe Bryant, his shot selection and his overall worth to the Los Angeles Lakers. After a few back-and-forth tweets, @MyTweetsRealAF challenged @SnottieDrippen to a fight in Temecula (a city in California)…ON CHRISTMAS DAY.

By nighttime, the story was everywhere. ESPN even made reference to it in passing. Then, last night, @MyTweetsRealAF made a rap about it because this is 2014 and nothing makes sense anymore.

Have I lost you yet? Good. Because word finally reached Kobe Bryant.

Love you, Black Mamba Love you so much.