Learn English With Carol 3: Even The Taiwanese Are Turning On Jeremy Lin

Pro Wrestling Editor

Last week I introduced you to Learn English Conversation With Carol, the web series from batsh*t Taiwanese cartoon magnate Next Media Animation, wherein a Taiwanese lady named Carol teaches viewers conversational English phrases and terms (like “Bandwagon” or “he’s got a good head on his shoulders”) with the help of Jeremy Lin. And not just normal Jeremy Lin … a computer generated Jeremy Lin from a parallel dimension where the Knicks renamed their team LIN and people still give a f**k about Jeremy Lin.

Episode 1 was about discovering Lin, and episode 2 was about jumping on the Lin bandwagon. In episode 3, the fans are watching a game and complaining about how Lin keeps turning over the ball and needs to defend when he dribbles, but things turn out okay in the end. If we’re going by any sort of real life timeline, episode 4 should mostly be about Carmelo Anthony, and in episode 5 everyone will be wearing Heat jerseys.

Episode 3 (‘sup, Carol? Call me.) is below.

My goal is to make this popular enough for Carol to notice and grant us an interview. My first question is, “Jeremy Lin is a great player!” The follow-up is to shake her by the shoulders until she goes to a basketball game with me.

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