With Leather’s Watch This: ‘LeBroning’ Is Not New, But It’s Still Pretty Great

Oh kids and their Internet memes, when will they ever stop with the hilarity? The latest Vine fad to hit the cat tubes is called “LeBroning” and it features kids barely bumping into someone in the hallway at school and then throwing their arms in the air and falling to the ground. I’m told that it’s a mockery of a man named LeBron James, who plays professional basketball for the Heat of Miami. According to people who SPORTS, James has a bit of a reputation for flopping.

Writing like I’m a network news desk anchor aside, we all know just how big of a flop artist James is and how proud of himself he is for “getting away with it” despite the fact that we’ve watched this video a trillion times. But I guess that’s what happens when you’re the best in the game – the refs look the other way when you fall down like a clumsy toddler.

Of course, LeBroning isn’t anything new, as this gentleman and his son made a video last June that bears the name…

And here’s another guy who made a similar video last year as well.

Still, it’s an enjoyable trend because it’s humorous and doesn’t hurt anyone. Keep up the good work, you crazy kids.

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NCAA Basketball
Georgia at Florida – 7 PM ET on ESPNU
Oklahoma at Kansas State – 7 PM ET on ESPN2
St. John’s at DePaul – 7 PM ET on FS1
Wisconsin at Indiana – 7 PM ET on ESPN
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For the first time since college, I got roughly eight hours of sleep last night, a feat that is rarer than me paying my student loan on time. That means I’ll be up all night tonight, so I’ll probably record most of these games and watch them til 5 am.

NHL: Flyers at Sabres – 7:30 PM ET on NBC Sports

Claude Giroux is my favorite French hockey name. However, I’d amend that statement if there was a player named Pierre OuiOui. I’d laugh for days, probably.

Australian Open – 9 PM ET on ESPN2

With Andy Roddick now retired, we’re already guaranteed 100% less Brooklyn Decker at tennis majors, so I think Ryan Sweeting should be required to take a bunch of PEDs so he gets better and wins more so Kaley Cuoco can take her place. It’s a slight downgrade, but us Americans, we’re an open-minded people. *armpit fart*

What a truly lovely couple. He looks like John Mayer if he ever showed up to gym class.

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