LeBron James, As Interviewed By A Bunch Of Kids From Narnia

What you’re about to watch is a series of questions for LeBron James collected and asked by fans of Liverpool Football Club. They are all prepubescent, adorable and extremely British. They’re also interested in knowing how tall LeBron is. One wants to know if he’s the tallest player in the NBA. Another asks if LeBron is taller than his dad. Even this awesome kid from the 6:05 mark (pictured, right) asks LeBron how big his house is, and is basically just asking “how tall is your house”. The answer: LeBron is tall, perhaps abnormally so, but he is not the tallest thing in history.

Other highlights include “Anna” at 3:08 asking LeBron to identify his favorite rapper and getting a stock photo of Jay-Z with America’s Funniest Home Video-style boing noises as a response, and that AMAZING ginger kid at 3:16 who cannot hope to contain his Ron Weasley. His name is Rory. That’s incredible.

Also, you know when that kid asked “are you taller than a giraffe” the kid behind him went F**K and had to change his question to “are you taller than two giraffes”.

[h/t Ball Don’t Lie]