An LSU Investigation Alleges Les Miles Kissed A Female Student And Did Other Inappropriate Things

On Thursday, a 2013 internal investigation by LSU into alleged inappropriate interactions former head football coach (and current Kansas coach) Les Miles had with female students was released to USA Today following a lawsuit after the school fought to keep the investigation private.

The investigation findings, which can be read in their entirety (with redactions) here, include texting with female students, taking them to his condo alone, and making them feel “uncomfortable,” along with one alleging he kissed her twice in his car. While the investigation found Miles did not have sexual relations with any of the women, the school banned him from being alone with students and he had to attend eight sessions with an attorney as a result.

Miles, through his attorney, denied the allegation that he kissed a student to USA Today and also denied the incident in the investigation. The student’s account of the incident from the investigation reads as such:

Ultimately, Student No. 2 met XXX off campus; got into his vehicle; and the two of them rode around talking. Student No. 2 contends that XXX suggested that they go to a hotel together and mentioned his condo as another meeting place. He also complimented her on her appearance and said he was attracted to her. Student No. 2 says that XXX drove his vehicle behind the Athletic Complex, parked the car, REDACTED, and kissed her twice.

Miles denied wrongdoing and insisted he was mentoring students and nothing inappropriate was discussed, but the investigation found a number of other instances, including that he wanted student employees in the department to “have a certain ‘look’ (attractive, blonde, fit). He also made their supervisors feel that existing student employees who did not fit this criteria should be given fewer hours or terminated.”

According to USA Today, the upcoming audit into LSU’s handling of sexual misconduct cases will include further details into Miles’ tenure as coach.