Lesson Of The Day: Don’t Bother Asking George Brett For His Autograph

Kansas City Royals legend George Brett returned to the Paris of the Plains yesterday for a big event at Kauffman Stadium, held by the Native Sons and Daughters of Greater Kansas City, as they were honoring him as the 2013 Outstanding Kansas Citian of the Year. That sounds like a mighty important honor for someone who clearly means so much to the history of professional sports in KC, so how did Brett show his appreciation? By threatening to shoot an autograph hound at the airport.

In a low quality video taken by the autograph hunter himself, Brett uses some very colorful language to let Brandon Farrens know how he really feels about him. Imagine if he had complained about too much pine tar on the pen.

According to KCTV, Farrens admits he has asked Brett for his autograph “about 35 times and gotten it about 15 times,” and while Brett’s spokesperson apologized for the language, he wasn’t very sorry about everything else.

KCTV5 attempted to speak with Brett Wednesday night. Toby Cook, spokesman for the Royals, said Brett regrets using a poor choice of words and the tone of the encounter. He said Brett was tired from his flight.

However, Cook said Brett does not regret the message. Brett claims that the autograph hound has gotten numerous autographs from the Royals great, which the fan has then sold, and Brett is tired of the man’s relentless demands and behavior. Brett just wants the man to leave him alone.

KCTV5 was contacted by a man who claimed to be a friend of the autograph hound. He said he was upset by Brett’s treatment. (Via KCTV)

You know, George, there’s a really easy solution to this. The next time this guy asks for your autograph, sign it, “Go f*ck yourself.”

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