Let Ashton Kutcher And Mila Kunis On The Lakers Kiss Cam Help You Believe In Love

So many sports fans out there still believe that we should do away with the Kiss Cam at games, and I think I might finally be ready to join that camp. It’s not because I’m tired of the lame jokes (I rather enjoy watching two elderly people forced into affection) but more because I just can’t stand to watch Ashton Kutcher remind all of us that he has locked down Mila Kunis and will soon wed her, thus fulfilling the evil witch’s spell.

Kutcher and Kunis – or KuKu, as I call these lovebirds – were caught on the Kiss Cam at the Staples Center on Friday night, as their goofy public displays of affection were so distracting that they even caused the Utah Jazz to out-suck the Los Angeles Lakers. Or maybe that was just natural. Either way, there are some photographs of the big smooch to make you lose your Pop Tart breakfast.

Kutcher even nailed the appropriate reaction to the fact that he gets to make out with Kunis whenever someone points a camera at them.

And then he also pulled off the appropriate Over the Top hat spin to go for the gold.

Next, some typical Lakers game attendees stopped by to grab a selfie with them so they could Tweet something like, “At da basket shoot match with famous peeps, spotted these 2 luv birds #photobomb #selfie #epic”

Finally, even the announcers were able to identify a scene of true love.

(Images via Getty, Kiss Cam screen via Duran Sports)