Allow Drunk Ole Miss Girl To Tell You Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Ole Miss

“Everybody just like, has the same mission and the mission is … we don’t care about … anything but … the party, the party, the world goes on forever the party never ends.”

So begins our glimpse into the mind of Drunk Ole Miss Girl, a modern day collegiate philosopher who defines Hotty Toddy (it’s a drink), names her favorite thing about The Grove (the alcohol) and gives her informed opinion on the Archie vs. Eli quarterback debate (Eli is better than both Archie AND Peyton, because he has “so much ‘termination and so much, like, drive and like … loyalty”). She is everything you’ve ever wanted in a college football analyst plus about four years of alcohol poisoning.

Listen in abject glee as she gives her “final thoughts” and makes sure to tell you how high her IQ is.

We have fun we don’t ever miss the party. Hotty Toddy. The drink.

[h/t to Bob’s]