Let’s Take A Good Long Look At One Of The A-Holes Who Called P.K. Subban The N-Word

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PK Subban

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Twitter’s a pretty interesting invention. On one hand, it’s a great way for people to share limited amounts of information with each other or keep up to date with the biggest celebrities in the world. On the other hand, it allows nameless and faceless people to create controversies out of thin air, all depending on the kinds of words that they use. Last Thursday night was a good example, as the Montreal Canadiens won Game 1 of their Stanley Cup Playoffs series against the Boston Bruins thanks to a career night by P.K. Subban, who scored two goals, including the game-winner in double overtime. While the Bruins have since evened the series at 1-1, a lot of people are still only talking about the fact that some people made some very racist remarks about Subban.

At some point, someone boldly claimed that so many people were calling Subban “n*gger” on Twitter, that the terrible word was actually trending in Boston. Hell, Bruins president Cam Neely even released a statement about it. That doesn’t actually seem to have been the case, though, as the CBS News article that initially reported that idea has since been changed to merely reflect the idea that a lot of people were saying the N-word. And even then, if you take a look through a Twitter search of the appropriate terms, you’ll see it’s a mish-mash of people who are condemning racism in sports. That’s not to say that a bunch of assholes didn’t call Subban an awful word, but let’s not go throwing the entire Bruins fan base in a tire fire just yet.

Instead, let’s get to the very core of this story and look at the type of person that we’re dealing with.

Here are some people who made awful comments about Subban after Thursday’s game. Three or maybe four of these seven people have their real names available. Meanwhile, Mr. Kahn Tweeted from Pennsylvania and Alex Ponce typed his in West Islip, NY, so they might be Bruins fans at large or just a pair of shitbirds who deserve to be slapped in the nuts with a hockey stick. Jesper Kïlbürg seems to be the classic tough guy, threatening to beat people up if they have a problem with his POV, because he’s a killer. It’s right there in his bio, you see. Other similar Tweets have been deleted and some accounts are protected, so it’s hard to tell what kind of people we’re really dealing with.

So let’s look instead at a guy like Bart Mandela and see who he is and why he hates black people so much.

Not only does this Tweet still exist among Mr. Mandela’s 211 other Tweets, but he has maintained a firm stance by responding to the people who bought into this, hook, line and sinker. And a lot of people don’t like this dude and his racist ways.

Bart Responses


Some pretty heated responses here, no doubt, and instead of making his account private or deleting the offending Tweet, “Bart” has since been firing back at everyone in his mentions.

Bart's responses to responses


It should be more than obvious by now that this guy, like so many others, is a troll. He is just trying to bait people into validating his worthlessness and probably chuckling like crazy as the Little Caesar’s Hot N Ready crumbs fall into his keyboard and make the H key stick so he keeps getting frustrated as he types pornub.com. Sadly, people still don’t get that idiots like this guy exist, and Tweeters started coming back for seconds.

Even more Bart responses


I don’t normally like to make bold statements based on opinion, but I don’t think this is what Maxmillian Q. Twitter envisioned when he invented this social media empire. Nevertheless, I am sure that there were some actual, honest-to-gosh Bruins fans out there who may have made some racist comments, and I hope they all sit on their testicles on top of landmines. But Twitter should, at the very least, have a nuclear button that eliminates troll accounts like our example Brad so we don’t have to keep dealing with this stupidity on a routine basis. Then again, this stupidity is just the tip of the iceberg.

Ah yes, this is a reference to Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “Plan B” speech that outlined how he’d be cool with racism if someone gave him a ton of cash. I believe it was entitled, “I had a dream, but then I got paid.”

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