Lionel Messi Winning The World Cup Is Now The Most Liked Instagram Post Of All Time, Beating A Picture Of An Egg

Argentina won the World Cup on Sunday over France in one of the greatest soccer games of all time. The win meant that Lionel Messi finally lifted the one trophy that evaded him over the course of his legendary career, and as an added bonus, he now has the most liked post in the history of Instagram.

In the aftermath of Argentina’s win, Messi — or, probably more accurately, someone with the keys to his IG account — posted a number of pictures of Messi and his teammates celebrating, whether it was during the game or with the World Cup.

As of this writing, the post has more than 61 million likes. It almost immediately started flying up the list of the most liked posts of all time, and early on Tuesday morning, it became the most liked post ever put on the platform, overtaking a picture of an egg which was posted back in January of 2019.

Messi has another post with a chance at taking down the egg, too, as a picture of him on an airplane with the World Cup has more than 36 million likes, as of this writing.

The egg was posted in an effort to beat what was, at the time, the most popular post in IG history — the first photo Kylie Jenner ever posted of her daughter, Stormi. Now, the record belongs to Messi, and it will be interesting to see if I will be able to beat it the next time I post a picture of my dog to my Instagram account.