Little Leaguer Hit In Face Is Not Funny, Then Extremely Funny

08.25.11 7 years ago 14 Comments

Watching Huntington Beach, California, little league pitcher Braydon Salzman get cranked in the face by a *PINK* sound effect and a line-drive is not funny. There’s no way you could expect him to react in time. Even a line-drive leaving the bat of a 40-pound little leaguer could severely injure or even kill you. If you watch the video, it starts off scary — you don’t know if the kid is going to come up with both of his eyeballs. He can’t make the play at first, but he eventually stands up under his own power and gets an ovation. That clears the way for something very special to happen: super slow motion replay.

Super slow motion replay can make almost anything funny (and beautiful, come to think of it), and you can’t help but laugh watching the ball crush this kid’s flat-ass brim and knock him to the ground. The announcers point out that he’s hurt and scared, but “more upset that it might’ve ruined the brim of his cap … he likes it so straight!” Something about the analytical tone of the call makes me laugh out loud.

As if this wasn’t funny enough, the next pitch the kid throws bounces in the dirt and ricochets into the umpire’s balls.

[h/t Failblog]

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