Live Discussion: UFC Fight For The Troops 3 – Tim Kennedy Vs. Rafael Natal

Oh what a treat we have today, courtesy of the fine folks at the UFC and Fox Sports 1. Not only do we get to watch a packed card of free fights that has the potential to be very, very good, but we also get to start watching it in the middle of the afternoon on a Wednesday. It’s almost like the UFC wants us all to lose our jobs and regress into a futuristic dystopian 80s film that features organized combat as America’s premiere sport and the fighters as gods among men. (I’d be the guy selling rat meat on sticks to the UFC’s arena guards while my rebel friends snuck in to hack the satellite feed and reveal that Dana White is a cloned alien.)

Today’s UFC Fight Night: Fight for the Troops 3 on Fox Sports 1 features a main event of Tim Kennedy and Rafael Natal, as both men are trying to climb into the Top 10 of the UFC’s Middleweight division rankings. Meanwhile, Liz Carmouche will fight Alexis Davis with the hopes of winning her second fight in a row since losing to Ronda Rousey at UFC 157, so she can earn a rematch and probably lose again.

Join us starting at 3 PM ET today for the online preliminaries and then at 5 PM ET for the Fox Sports 1 preliminaries, followed by the main card on Fox Sports 1 at 7 PM ET. As always, our greatest friend Lobster Mobster has a breakdown of the UFC Fight for the Troops 3 card for you here, and you can follow along in the comments as I predict every fight incorrectly as they happen.