The Longboard Trick To End All Longboard Tricks Involves Four People, Two Boards, Insanity

I don’t know if you can make out what’s happening in that image — hell, I’ve watched the video a few times and I’m still not 100% what’s going on — but what you’re seeing is the triple body people body-sideflip aka the next generation in ridiculous longboard tricks.

Long story short, a guy gets three of his friends to lie on the ground. He rides up to them, launches himself off the board, twists in the air over them and lands on a second, freestanding board. It’s insane and exactly the kind of thing Reddit was born to produce, so let’s bask in its light for a while:


Here it is in GIF form, courtesy of The Nosebleeds.

The next time I can’t walk 10 feet without tripping over my own feet and hurting myself, I’ll think of this GIF.