Here’s What You Missed While You Slept Through The Longest World Series Game In History

10.27.18 9 months ago

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If you went to bed on Friday night while the Los Angeles Dodgers led 1-0, or maybe shortly after the Boston Red Sox tied the game in the eighth inning, you missed an entire damn baseball game while you slept.

Those who actually stayed up for all 18 innings of Game 3 of the World Series may be among you right now. Please treat them with kindness no matter which team they root for. These people are all very tired, and some of them (like Uproxx Sports writer Ryan Nagelhout, whose name is on the byline of this post) are very mad at Ian Kinsler. Or maybe just extremely appreciative of Nathan Eovaldi. Or maybe they can’t feel anything, and it’s best you do not ask them questions about what happened during the REM cycles everyone else in America got between then and now.

An attempt to recap this game is difficult because it was two full games, length-wise. But also as the game went on, the threads of the past slipped away entirely. The Dodgers, someone who saw the end of the game may not remember, took the lead in the third on a mistake pitch from Rick Porcello that Joc Pederson crushed to the bleachers at Dodger Stadium.

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