It Got A Bit Awkward When Donald Trump Hosted Joe Burrow And LSU At The White House

LSU capped an historic week for its college football program with a trip to the White House, but these days that means an increasingly awkward fast food meal with Donald Trump. Before the Tigers got to enjoy some Ice T slang, however, they had to endure the pomp and circumstance of a ceremony with Trump where the 45th president fittingly got sidetracked and made things a bit uneasy for the national champions.

On Friday, Trump gave a rambling speech where he claimed that the Tigers would have killed terrorists like the U.S. military did.

The video made it clear a lot of Tigers players, including Heisman winner Joe Burrow were, well, concerned by the speech. Especially Burrow, who was mentioned by name as Trump talked about impeachment and how good the economy is.

There are pictures of Burrow cordially smiling, and he did the when he gave Trump an LSU jersey, as is tradition for basically any sports team visiting the White House. But the body language and his lack of any real joy beyond a wrote thank you seems pretty clear.

He looks like a guy who has been waiting for a dentist appointment for an hour.

It’s important to note that not everyone had a terrible time at the White House.

The team also got a nice group photo on the South Portico.

See, not all bad, I guess?