Maiquel Falcao’s Possibly-Deadly Brazilian Street Brawl Was Crazy, Totally Avoidable

07.09.13 5 years ago 6 Comments


A couple of video game observations before we get into the horrific, WorldStarHipHop-esque ultra violence;

1. Brazilian street fighting is nothing like I’ve been led to believe
2. The Falcao Punch isn’t what it used to be

Now, onto the horrible stuff you’ll wish you didn’t know about!

Maiquel Falcao had one fight in UFC (against Gerald Harris, back at UFC 123) and recently challenged for the Bellator Middleweight title. If you aren’t familiar with his work, he’s the kind of guy who isn’t afraid to throw a drink in a lady’s face at a Brazilian gas station.

That happens, a bunch of guys show up to get in Falcao’s face about it, and like so many moments we’ve experienced in OUR lives, it turns into a violent Brazilian street brawl. The fighting starts in the gas station but spills out into the parking lot, where a guy starts attacking anything that moves with a 2×4, including fighter Kaue Mena, who is still in the hospital in critical condition.

It’s uncomfortable to watch, and the kind of shit no human being should get into or engage in. The lesson learned here is … well, think of any possible lesson. That one can be learned here. Don’t harass people in gas stations, don’t throw drinks in peoples’ faces, don’t start fights, don’t start fights with large groups, don’t start fights with large groups carrying wooden planks, etc.

[h/t to Jessica Hudnall, by way of MMA Mania]

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