This Video Shows Why You Shouldn’t Try To Punch A Bouncer Who Is Also An MMA Fighter

Fighting in the streets is dumb, but you have to be a special sort of stupid to try and take on the much larger man who also happens to be a bouncer at the bar you just got kicked out of. But that’s exactly what this random tough guy tried to do, and unfortunately for him, the odds were stacked even further outside his favor. It turns out the bouncer, one John Hernholm, is also an MMA fighter with a 5-0 amateur and 1-0 pro record.

But poor drunkbro doesn’t know this, so off his shirt comes and he stalks in thinking he’s going to somehow destroy the 320-pound Hernholm, who leans forward and sticks his chin out enticingly. As soon as the shirtless guy throws a wild hook, Hernholm leans back and the punch sails harmlessly in front of his face. He then proceeds to knock the dude’s head off with a short uppercut to the jaw.

Fortunately for this newly concussed guy, John is a gentleman and doesn’t keep beating the crap out of him. Instead he lies down on him and ties his arms up in a crucifix to wait for the police. You get the feeling it’s a nice bit of relaxation for the bouncer as he gets a nice couple minutes to chill out and enjoy the evening air. Well played, sir. Well played.