March Morbidity E-lethal Eight: What Is The Greatest Movie Death Scene Ever?

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Finally, the people who truly love violence in cinema have done something about the domination of the No. 1 seeds through the first three rounds. For a while it seemed like our action movie death scenes tournament was safer than expected, as all four 1-seeds advanced to the Savage 16. But one of the reasons that this thing was seeded so generously was so we’d get to see some shakeups as the championship round approached, and that finally paid off in the previous round’s voting. While The Raid 2: Berandal hallway fight has a place in history as one of the best choreographed fight scenes anyone has ever seen, it now joins True Lies in the lobby with the other losers.

Meanwhile, Deep Blue Sea continues to prove that a 15-seed should never be taken lightly, as the perfect combination of a shark eating Samuel L. Jackson and Thomas Jane watching as if the director forgot to shout, “ACTION!” has this 1999 thriller steamrolling. Will it be able to advance to the Fatal Four? Only time will tell. Voting for the E-lethal Eight will end on Friday morning, and the Fatal Four post will follow. Ball your fists up and squeeze your hands a few times, then pull your arms up and flex as you vote with all your might.

Movie Death Scenes Round 4 90s

Movie Death Scenes Round 4 10s