March Morbidity Round 2: What Is The Greatest Movie Death Scene Ever?

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Much like the first round of that basketball thing that everyone is buzzing about, the first round of our action movie death scenes tournament featured some shocking upsets. Unlike that contest of amateur athletics, though, this tournament featured seasoned pros and established blockbuster action superstars being bounced from the first round, like a bunch of punk ass Iowa States. Still, all four No. 1 seeds advanced, legendary stars like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Patrick Swayze remain the clear favorites, and Big Trouble in Little China is the greatest movie ever made (as always, my opinion).

As the second round begins, the biggest question is whether or not Deep Blue Sea, Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and Riddick can keep up their incredible momentum from the first round. Call me crazy, but I think the combination of a shark eating Samuel L. Jackson and Thomas Jane’s hilariously plain reaction makes this the most powerful 15-seed in history. Now, it’s time to vote. The polls will be open through Sunday night, and the next round will be posted on Monday morning. Again, vote with your cold, black hearts, you violent sumbitches.

Movie Death Scenes Round 2 90s

Movie Death Scenes Round 2 00s

Movie Death Scenes Round 2 10s