How On Earth Did Marcus Mariota Thread The Needle For This Touchdown Pass To Andre Johnson?

Marcus Mariota showed why the Tennessee Titans made him the No. 2 pick in the 2015 Draft with this throw. The Titans were in the red zone, and Mariota threw an absolute strike into a small window for Andre Johnson. This ended up being the game-winning score in Tennessee’s 16-15 win over Detroit.

Going back to his days at Oregon, Mariota has been revered for his ability to throw pinpoint passes to his receivers. His first year in the NFL included some growing pains, but the Hawaii native was an accurate thrower who completed just over 62 percent of his passes. But this may be the best throw that Mariota has made during his brief NFL career, as he placed this ball in a place that only his receiver could haul it in for a game-winning touchdown.

And of course, Johnson deserves a ton of credit for bringing in this pass. It seems like every offseason, there is a discussion about whether Johnson is on the verge of declining, and then he goes out and performs. He did start showing signs of aging last season in Indianapolis, and his time thus far in Tennessee has started slowly, but this is still an awesome play by one of the best receivers of his era.

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