No, No, No, No: We Do Not Want To Watch Mark Cuban Debate Skip Bayless

06.20.12 6 years ago

During last night’s Game 4 of the NBA Finals I noticed a Tweet from someone about Skip Bayless making fun of Chris Bosh, and without thinking I clicked over to Bayless’ Twitter profile. “Damn it, moron,” was all I could say to myself, because, once again, there is the definition of the attraction to ESPN’s inexplicably popular shouting blowhard “analyst”. The philosophy is simple: Say something outrageous, people will react.

Then I saw a Tweet even more outrageous and obnoxious than I could have ever expected…

Bayless was told this because he doesn’t follow anyone on Twitter. Not his best friend Stephen A. Smith, not his colleagues at ESPN, and not even Tim Tebow or LeBron James. Twitter is a one-man realm of theories and hyperbole, friends. You’re just lucky to be following Bayless.

That Tweet, though, came after an unprovoked jab by Cuban that his two-year old son is a better analyst than Bayless, which is laughable because Bayless was a huge basketball star in his day. Right?

So once Bayless laid down the invite in this Twitter feud that people shamefully egged on, Cuban took another swipe at the original hard-headed heartbreaker.

Cuban, as we all know, is both the owner of the Dallas Mavericks and the creator of the TV show Shark Tank, which airs on ABC. ESPN and ABC are both part of the Disney matrix, and Shark Tank was just picked up for a fourth season, so this will probably happen. Adjust your volume to zero accordingly.

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