Mark Ingram And Jemele Hill Traded Ugly Insults Over Twitter

mark ingram jemele hill
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ESPN host Jemele Hill is well known for cracking jokes on Twitter. It’s why many of her fans enjoy following her. During Monday’s National Championship game, she cracked on New Orleans Saints running back Mark Ingram when this was shown on live TV.

That’s pretty savage, and in Ingram’s defense, the angle of the photo and Derrick Henry wearing cleats both make the difference between the 5-foot-10 Ingram and the 6-foot-3 Henry seem even larger. Still, Ingram should be too busy riding the high of his alma mater to get too bothered, right? Haters gonna hate, you know what I’m saying? Mark, do you know what I’m saying?

(I highly encourage you to click through on that tweet so you can see it against his profile’s background. It really ties it together.)

It’s the far-more-fun kind of Twitter battle with actual insults instead of the painful “I feel sorry that you’re so ignorant” nonsense that’s more common these days among people who think they’re the smartest guy in the room. Thank you for actually trying to be funny, Mark and Jemele. It’s never a good look when a man goes after a woman like that, but Hill threw the first shade. They’re both superficial jokes about appearance, but Ingram’s seems significantly meaner and angrier, and thus less cool. Take the high road next time, Mark.

P.S. — A “lace front” is a term for a wig. That is a straight-up barbershop insult.

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