Matt Cain Busted The Myth That He Couldn’t Ruin A Pizza With Baseball

Tory Belleci and Kari Byron from Mythbusters host this video of Matt Cain of the San Francisco Giants showing off his legendary throwing arm by rocketing a baseball through various objects thrown up in the air!

Before you say it, yes, this clip is fake enough to have ended with a Powerade logo. What myth are they busting? Is “Matt Cain can’t hit a watermelon with a fastball if somebody threw it in the air” a myth? Regardless, ‘Evan Longoria Saves Reporter’ set a dangerous precedent for what people on the Internet will accept as real, so until Prince Fielder shows up riding a minotaur or whatever, just roll with it.

The only really terrible part of the clip is Tory Belleci. He has clearly never watched baseball before. He intros Cain like he’s in a local band (“We’re here with Matt Cain, the pitcher for San Francisco Giants”) and gets way, way too excited about everything. If Cain could hit a soda bottle, why are you losing your mind over him clipping a watermelon? Also, why do you make a weird blowjob face when you’re impressed? There are children present. “This guy should host something on television” is the only myth I need to see busted.

I really want to see them do a video like this now with Justin Masterson, where a kid tosses a deep dish pizza into the air and gets drilled in the face by a 72 mph fastball.

[h/t to Bob’s Blitz]