Things Got Awkward During An Interview Between Matt Forte And A Chicago TV Host

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The Brian Piccolo Award is voted on annually by Chicago Bears players and given to one Bears rookie and one veteran who best exemplifies the courage and teamwork of former Bear Brian Piccolo, the inspiration for the movie Brian’s Song. This year’s veteran recipient was Matt Forte, who for personal reasons, was unable to attend Tuesday’s luncheon in Chicago to accept his award. However, he did release a statement from his home in Florida where he thanked his teammates for voting for him, saying it was an honor to be selected.

Nevertheless, Forte releasing a statement from afar was not good enough for certain members of the local media, including David Kaplan, host of Sports Talk Live on CSN Chicago, who was critical of Forte for not showing up in person. On Thursday, Forte appeared on Kaplan’s show to tell his side of the story, which resulted in three minutes of awkwardness as neither Kaplan nor Forte was willing to give in to the other’s point of view.

“As a journalist, I don’t expect you to have journalistic integrity,” said Forte in the very beginning of the interview.

Things pretty much went from bad to worse from there.

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