Matt Williams Got Into A Car Accident While Giving A Radio Interview

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Matt Williams

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Sports talk radio shows have a tendency to be boring and repetitive (writes the sports blogger), with one guy trying to out-shout the other, thanks to America’s preference for the bizarre and obnoxious over educational and intelligent. That’s not to say that all sports talk shows suck, but chances are if your show’s host’s name rhymes with Bolin Bowherd or Way Wariotti, you’ve got about as good a chance being heard on my speakers as Avril Lavigne’s “Hello Kitty.” But every once in a while, something happens on sports talk radio that’s worth, well, talking about, because it bucks the annoying trend of covering the same old talking points and gives us something fresh.

For example, while Washington Nationals manager Matt Williams was on the phone for his weekly call-in to 106.7 The Fan, he was rear-ended by another motorist whom he believed was about to drive off. While this would be an awesome new idea for a show entitled Pissed Off Baseball Managers in Cars, I have to offer a Dikembe Mutombo finger wag to Williams for yapping on his phone while driving. For shame, skipper.

(Via Awful Announcing)

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