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10.20.11 3 Comments

Up next: the cast of “Glee” mashes up “God Bless America” with “Party Rock Anthem”! Stay tuned!


The Best Of Ellen Muthaf*ckin’ Barkin’s Muthf*ckin’ Tweets So Muthaf*ckin’ Far – Did you know America’s low-rent Helen Mirren has a Twitter account? Do you know she curses a lot? Now you know! [UPROXX]

What If We Replaced The Star-Studded Cast Of New Year’s Eve With Terrence Howard In Different Hats? – Using “Raise Your Glass” in a trailer is the worst. Pink probably makes 20 mil in royalties every day because some studio exec thinks Ashton Kutcher is “right in all the wrong ways”. [Film Drunk]

Drake’s Okay With Being Labeled “Emo” – Last name Ever, first name Lamest. [Smoking Section]

Affleck’s ‘The Town’ in Real Life – Hopefully this involves Blake Lively being a white trash stripper in real life. [The Daily What]

Star Wars Taxidermy Sadly Just Photoshop – And almost all of these could serve as a really foul-smelling sleeping bag, should the situation arise. [Gamma Squad]

‘Police Academy’ Noise Guy Mouth-Shreds Led Zeppelin’s ‘Whole Lotta Love’ – Legitimately better than all 10 songs in the Billboard Hot 100 Top 10. You’ve got “moves like Jagger”? Why not try making good music like Jagger? [Warming Glow]

10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Movie Swingers – #11 – It is not as good as Made. Screech cameo greater than. [Buzzfeed]

From Elton John to The Pixies: 21 Great Movie Music Cues – I would’ve included the omnipresent Saw music and the orchestral open from The Chipmunk Adventure. [Moviefone]

The 10 Best Classic TV Theme Songs – This list doesn’t include “The Brady Bunch” and is therefore invalid. [AOL TV]

ROBOT CHICKEN: New York Comic Con 2011 Panel – “Uh yeah okay so this year we’re gonna make Boba Fett fart, and the fart will be voiced by Nicole Eggert, and you’re gonna laugh at it for some reason. See you next year!” [Adult Swim]

The 12 Crappiest Movies of Carla Gugino’s Career – This guy has the nerve to suggest Troop Beverly Hills isn’t a good movie. Are you serious, bro? The Freddie! [Pajiba]

George Carlin Answered A 14 Year-Old’s Letter – I love that George Carlin could talk for 2 hours about any subject, but answers form questions with as few words as possible. That’s so wonderfully human. [NextRound]

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