Meet Wang Shouting, The Hilariously Named Soccer Star Who Solved The Flopping Problem

First of all, yes and holy shit, this guy’s name is “Wang Shouting.” A lot of that happens at the AVN Awards.

Second of all, here’s what happens: Changchun Yatai’s Australian midfielder Matt McKay needed to run down the clock, so he got bumped, grabbed his stomach, staggered away like Joel from ‘The Last Of Us’ and collapsed to the ground. Enter Shanghai Shenhua’s WANG SHOUTING. His solution to the problem? Grab the flopper and DRAG HIM OFF THE FIELD. Don’t stress, don’t argue, just take the guy who is wasting time and drag his ass away.

The clip is below, and while it does contain a ton of Wang, it is SFW.

Imagine how effective this could be in other sports? The next time Blake Griffin goes down pretending somebody poked him in the eye, a zamboni drives by and just sweeps him off the court. If Jeter pretends a ball hit him in the leg at the plate when the ball’s in the catcher’s hand, the folks on the bench get to charge him and drag him back to the clubhouse against his will. That’d make sports 100% better.

It’d REALLY help soccer. The punishment could fit the severity of the crime. If you pretend to be hurt to run out the clock, somebody gets to drag you away. If you’re Neymar and pretend a bomb exploded in front of you, you get thrown into the trunk of somebody’s car. Win-win.

[h/t to Dirty Tackle]