Breaking Down The Controversy And Crazy Reaction To Miami’s Miracle Kick Return

11.01.15 2 years ago 6 Comments


On Saturday night, Miami beat Duke in what many are calling the craziest ending in college football since the last time something crazy happened in college football. Which, to be honest, happens every week now. But on the craziness scale, this probably trumps Michigan State’s punt block over Michigan and Auburn’s kick-six over Alabama, at least for now.

If you haven’t seen it, go ahead and take a look at the video below. It’s one of those plays that doesn’t look real. It’s one of those things that looks like it happened in a video game but there were real, actual people involved, some of whom are actually employed by a conference to handle in-game shenanigans. I’m of course talking about the refs, people responsible for calling penalties and stuff.

As was noted around on the web after the play, there were a number of issues with the magical 8-lateral return. We briefly hit on them in this post but it bears repeating.

The Miami player was clearly down here.

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