Things Got Really Weird During The Miami Hurricanes’ Team Photo Shoot

08.31.15 3 years ago 3 Comments

College football season is just about here, which means teams around the country were taking their team photos over the last several weeks. It’s normally a mundane part of the preseason process, but the Miami Hurricanes put a new twist on the way things are typically done and produced masterpieces such as the one you see above.

And this:

And this:

This, too:

This certainly is not The U that terrified the entire college football world back in the day, but it’s still great nonetheless. Every other program is out here trying to strike fear in their opponents via hype videos and menacing uniforms; meanwhile, the ‘Canes are just trying to recreate Titanic scenes to take their bromances to the next level.

They’re setting the weird bar real high for 2015-16 and you have no choice but to respect it.

(Via Lost Lettermen)

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