Michelle Jenneke's Busted Hamstring Is Doing Wonders For Her Instagram

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03.05.13 17 Comments

Michelle Jenneke injured

You remember Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke, right? If you don’t, here’s a quick rundown of her career to date:

1. She went crazy viral last July when we shared a video of her enthusiastically dancing during the Women’s 100 metres hurdles at the 14th IAAF World Junior Championships in Barcelona.

2. The Daily Mail, Bleacher Report and Huffington Post called us perverts for “unapologetically” sharing a slow-motion video of her dancing. You know, that they then shared by talking about how we shared it.

3. The Internet reacted badly, sending her nude photo spread and porn offers.

4. She decides to go hang out with the guys from theCHIVE, which is like a Red Sox player going to New York because they got offered more money.

5. Sports Illustrated gets her to dance in a swimsuit.

Now her time is mostly spent doing radio interviews and talk shows. She’s still trying to hurdle, at least, and recently went down with a hamstring injury. Because she is a young, beautiful person in the year 2013, she’s been chronicling the ailment on Instagram, and if you know anything about the placement of the hamstring, you’ll know that … yeah, it’s just pictures of her butt.

Here’s what she’s posted so far, you* pervert.

*not us, you.

Michelle Jenneke hamstring injury

Michelle Jenneke hamstring

Man, I sure hope that doctor is from theCHIVE.

All she needs to do now is take off her clothes, hang out with the worst looking white guys she can find and throw a bunch of filters over it and she’ll be as popular as Paulina Gretzky.

[via Twitter]

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