Mighty Mouse Johnson Ties Anderson Silva’s UFC Title Defense Record With A Brilliant Performance

Entertainment Editor

Mighty Mouse Johnson strutted into Kansas City with only one thing on his mind — defeat Wilson Reis and tie Anderson Silva’s UFC title defense record at ten. Losing would not be an option. Across from him was Wilson Reis, a former Bellator title contender and Elite XC champion. Mighty Mouse has all but cleared out his division, what would Reis bring?

Nothing. This was an incredibly brilliant performance. Mighty Mouse Johnson systematically destroyed Wilson Reis to tie Anderson Silva’s UFC defense record.

Round 1 featured Mighty Mouse doing EXACTLY what Mighty Mouse does — hitting people and making them miss. Reis could barely touch the champ, who moved in and out, struck and defended takedowns with aplomb. It looked almost too easy. Like Reis was moving in slow motion while MM was manipulating the Matrix.

The angles Johnson strikes from are just incredible.

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