Mike & Mike Did A Gangnam Style Video, Because God And Man Demanded It

Pro Wrestling Editor
10.31.12 3 Comments

You know you’re onto something good when the first 40 seconds of your minute-20 video is about how everyone you know thinks you’re terrible. Regardless, Mike & Mike in the Morning had the ‘idear’ of doing a Gangnam Style parody, so now that’s a thing that exists.

A quick question for producer William: Did you get the idear from the 400,000 other people who did a Gangnam Style parody video? Because it’s the end of October, and that shit was barely timely a week into September. Also, was your parody idear to just do the Gangnam Style video badly? Because that’s not really a parody. That’s just you doing a horse-humpy dance and putting it on YouTube.

Ah well, I can only throw so much shade at them when literally everyone else in the world has done the same thing. There are starving children in the Sudan somewhere trying to find an elevator for their Gangnam Style parody.

Hey Burnsy, do you own a pair of sunglasses? I’ve got a great idea for tomorrow’s posts.

[h/t to Sports Crackle Pop via Yardbarker]

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