Did Mike Ditka Rip A Big Old Fart On Cris Carter During ‘Monday Night Countdown’?

If you found yourself watching Monday Night Countdown on ESPN before Monday night’s game between the Eagles and Giants, you may have had the good fortune of hearing a bit of reverberation of air coming from Mike Ditka’s hot microphone. Just as Cris Carter finished making his prediction of a Giants victory, Ditka leaned to his left a bit, and gave his expert opinion about what he thought of that pick by letting out a loud fart.

At least, that’s what it sounded like. Here, you be the judge:

Admittedly, that could very well have been a sound-effects engineer in the studio having a bit of fun because, granted, that fart was so clear, it sounded as if Ditka was literally sitting on top of a microphone. But that doesn’t seem likely.

If it was real, and we like to believe it was, it’s tough to blame Old Mike. He’s 76 years old now, so it’s not likely he heard it, and he may not have realized he even did it. It was also a solid job by the rest of the Monday Night Countdown crew for having the maturity to continue on with the show without skipping a beat. Admittedly, we cannot say the same for ourselves.