Mike Tyson Could Have Had LaToya

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07.08.11 3 Comments

LaToya is the one on the right... I think.

LaToya Jackson needs more money again is making the rounds to promote her new autobiography, “Starting Over”, which chronicles her abusive marriage to Jack Gordon, who passed away in 2005. Jackson appeared on the lazily-named CBS show, The Talk, earlier this week to disclose some of the terrible stories that she tells in her book, and we would have talked about this a few days ago if anyone on Earth watched The Talk.

Jackson makes the standard, non-shocking claims about being attacked by her husband multiple times, but she also wanders along the path of *cough*bullsh-t*cough* by accusing her dead ex-husband of forcing her to pose for Playboy. Twice. She also says that he forced her to claim she did it on her own because she was afraid of the consequences. But the real juicy nugget of interest is this claim:

Jackson, 55, said her ex-husband, Jack Gordon, once offered former boxing champ Mike Tyson the chance to sleep with her — for a hefty price.

Gordon, who passed away in 2005, allegedly told Tyson that sleeping with Jackson would cost him $100,000.

Jackson, the older sister of late pop icon Michael Jackson, also claimed her manager ex forced her to take part in group sex against her will.

“I was in brothels and everything,” she said. (Via NY Daily News)

Jackson and Gordon married in 1989 and of course she now also claims that he forced her into marriage and to cut off her family. It makes sense, because if Gordon was so desperate to cash in on Jackson’s fame, he’d tell her to quit talking to that loser brother of hers and focus on the big picture – Step 1: Ditch family; Step 2: ???; Step 3: PROFIT!

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