Mike Wilbon Is A Hypocrite

It seems every couple of weeks or so, there’s some popular personally that finally makes his or her way onto Twitter. TV stars Charlie Sheen and Conan O’Brien opened their respective accounts to much fanfare, but only a fraction of that enthusiasm for the Twitter debut of the ecumenical horse’s ass that is Michael Ray Wilbon.

Wilbon, who co-hosts ESPN’s “Pardon The Interruption,” has seen his popularity explode since jumping from The Washington Post to TV in 2001. Every original show that ESPN has done since then seems to parrot “PTI” in some way, where old gasbags from the newspaper world exchange uninformed opinions on current events in sports. Wilbon had been critical of and expressed reluctance in joining the world of 140 characters in the past, but the pressure to keep up with those already onboard was apparently too much for him to bear.

“Okay, I’ve resisted joining the Twitter revolution…but peer pressure made me do it…so here goes, be careful what you ask for!”

Some people will say, “Yeah, he shouldn’t have been so critical before, but it’s nice to finally have him on board.” I couldn’t agree less. This is just another example of Wilbon backtracking after talking out of his ass about something he never took time to understand. But Josh, you don’t understand he’s paid to have opinions. No, he’s paid to deliver informed opinions, which he seems to have no interest in creating, whether it’s about Sean Taylor or Stan Van Gundy or inciting brown-on-white violence toward Pete Carroll. Wilbon must have one of the greatest BlackBerrys ever if he’s able to thumb off tweets with his nose buried in Charles Barkley’s ass.