Milan Michalek Better Czech Himself Before He Wrecks Himself

I also would’ve accepted, “Milan Michalek Better Chalek Himself Before He Wrecks Himself”. Or, you know, a comedy sports blog headline that doesn’t reference hip-hop from 20 years ago.

Regardless, here’s a clip of Milan Michalek — formerly of the Ottawa Senators, currently of the Czech league’s Ceske Budejovice — shoving goalie/extraneous punctuation master Tomáš Závorka in the back of the head and getting straight-up suplexed for his efforts by Závorka’s teammate David Zucker. It’s the kind of exaggerated fight finish that hockey has in the movies, and not the “we both lost our balance and kinda fell over to the side” thing from real life.

Check out the clip below.

I wanted to rag on Greg at Puck Daddy for calling the finish a “body-slam” in his headline, but he warmed my heart a little later by describing it as “a power slam executed with a Randy Orton-esque velocity”. VINTAGE DAVID ZUCKER!

If anything, the slam is more like Shelton Benjamin’s T-bone suplex, where he grabs low on the back of the leg and flips the guy over into a pin without getting a lot of height.

… aaaand I’ll stop talking now.