This Minnesota High School Hockey Team Has Some Incredible Hair


There’s no sport that has a deeper ingrained tradition of ridiculous haircuts than hockey, where the mullet is still a preferred hairstyle for many.

In the NHL, there are plenty of players that lean into this tradition with some strong flow, but it appears there’s nothing quite like Minnesota high school hockey hair. In the Minnesota state hockey tournament on Wednesday night, New Ulm High School took on top-seeded Mahtomedi High School and served some serious looks in the process.

CJ Fogler (@cjzero) captured video of the introductions of the New Ulm squad and the mullet variations are truly a sight to behold, with Teagan Kamm really taking it to a whole other level with his mullet-mustache-mutton chops combo.

I really like how at first, it’s just some strong flow and as they progress down the line you get more and more ridiculous cuts until you reach Kamm, who is truly a legend for that look.

Now, Mahtomedi’s hair game isn’t exactly rough, as they had plenty of strong manes, but not as much creativity as the boys from New Ulm.

Overall though, we’d like to send a big time shoutout to the team barbers and also to the parents who have to be dropping major coin on product to get that much volume and for it to hold up like that, and congrats to all of the players for their jealousy-inducing lettuce.