Misty May-Treanor Says The Nude Photo Of Her Is Not Real And ‘Clearly Photoshopped’

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09.23.14 7 Comments

Who was hacked? Who wasn’t hacked? Those are the questions many in Hollywood are asking after a second and third wave of nude photos hit the internet in the last five days. The sports world was particularly hit hard as images of Hope Solo showed up on 4Chan over the weekend. And now, another female athlete says she was possibly victimized. Beach volleyball legend Misty May-Treanor told TMZ that the nude photo of her isn’t real—“clearly photoshopped” she says.

But Misty’s rep says the pic is bogus — “I reviewed the image with Misty and it is clear that it is a bad photoshop job.”

The rep says Misty is not filing a police report — since it’s not her — but hopes the cops catch whoever is responsible for leaking the authentic photos of the other celebrities.

Obviously this is a serious issue and somebody (somewhere) should go to jail for a long time. That being said, why would you hack a bunch of nude photos and then release a single photoshopped image of Misty May-Treanor? I don’t know, that doesn’t really add up—or am I taking crazy pills?

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