MLB Might Realign Because….Uhhh

I don’t consider myself a baseball purist by any stretch, even though I hate the DH more than my brother’s fat pig-faced wife. Don’t even get me started. Aside from being a horrible human being, she’s quite nice. Anyway, Major League Baseball wants to realign how their 30 teams are organized in leagues and divisions. It’s a challenge unique to other sports, since the two primary “conferences,” the National League and American League, don’t play each other for most of the season. Oh, and that whole DH thing doesn’t help either.

Realignment stories are always fun: it’s a great way to act like you care about a sport without knowing any of the players or even the teams. Anyone can just look a map and say, “Yeah, Arizona should play in the AL West.” The owners surely can’t help themselves either, even if the interleague matchups that ensue alter the playoff races

But there’s discussion that realigning teams might make baseball more “fair,” which seems kinda silly, especially when two or three clubs’ massive payrolls dwarf the rest of the league. Plus, how does one reconcile two 15-team leagues, where that 15th team on any given day will be playing The only truly fair way to realign would be to leave the Yankees and Red Sox in the AL and moving the rest of those teams to the NL (and you bet your ass the pitchers are gonna bat). That moan you just heard was the ESPN brass climaxing in unison at the thought.


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