MMA Guys Can’t Deal With Their Emotions Of The Day: Rony Jason Got Sad, Almost Lost An Arm

If I’ve learned one thing from running a comedy sports blog — besides Kate Upton’s bra size (34D) and the full lyrics to at least one The Wiggles song — it’s that mixed-martial arts fighters, warriors and finely-tuned athletes though they may be, are incapable of handling even the most basic emotions.

We’ve covered every corner of the emotional instability spectrum, whether it’s UFC President Dana White cursing out Ken Shamrock for owing him money, Mayhem Miller’s constant arrests for domestic violence and harassment or Tito Ortiz threatening to kill his wife.

The latest story comes from Rony Jason, a fighter who handled his 40-second loss to Jeremy Stephens at UFC Fight Night 32 by punching himself in the face repeatedly (aka “pulling a War Machine”) and elbow smashing a door, which sent him to the hospital.

The recap, via MMAFighting:

When Jason entered his locker room, he punched himself in the face twice and smashed a door with his elbow, leading to injuries that needed 22 stitches total.

“I hurt my elbow, but I’m okay,” Jason told on Monday. “I was crying, angry with my loss, and I landed my elbow on the door. It’s hurt, but didn’t break any bones. I was just devastated at that moment.

“I’ve trained for a long time for this fight. I was undefeated for four years. Unfortunately, this is an individual sport and I have to deal with it.”

I’m not sure he and I share the same definition of “dealing with it,” but thankfully the injury will only keep him out of the gym for a few weeks and he’ll be back doing what he does, which (hopefully) will not involve trying to knock out an inanimate object.

As a reminder, this is what happens when the door hits back: