More Of Sebastian Janikowski Than You Were Ever Planning To See

I understand that ESPN The Magazine‘s The Body Issue looks to highlight the human body at its athletic peak, but I see no reason why Oakland Raiders placekicker Sebastian Janikowski couldn’t have kicked footballs with his shirt on. The kicking leg is impressive, but the rest of it reminded me too much of that scene in Mallrats where Michael Rooker dances out in a towel and shows his ass.

Two upsides to the video: Janikowski explaining how he became so good (“Just kick it hard as I can!”) and the reminder that Strikeforce Women’s Bantamweight Champion/”Gina Carano for real” Ronda Rousey is in there with him. Maybe they can combine the photoshoots and do a Lucy/Charlie Brown thing.

Ah well, this shoot looks at least a little better than “Shadowdick” Jose Reyes and aiming the camera right up Jon Jones’ butthole.

[h/t Sweater Punch]