Morning Links: Although We've Come, To The End Of The Contract

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R.I.P. Peyton Manning – Gone too soon. He was one of the greats! Once we’ve stopped Kony, we’ll never stop remembering you. [KSK]

Peyton Manning Is a Great Tipper – In contrast, Mark Shapiro of the Cleveland Indians once tipped me four dollars on 25. Danny Ferry tipped me 7 on 35. I guess Cleveland sports guys use the tipping chart. [The FW]

The 3 Best DJing Apps Out Now – I downloaded all three of these just so I could walk into a room and yell, “DJ BLUNTZ IS IN THE BUIL-DING!” [Smoking Section]

TV Network Power Rankings: What’s Their Greatest Season Ever? – Every time I read “Power Rankings” I read it as “Power Rangers”, so I got upset when I clicked these and didn’t see Galaxy anywhere. [Warming Glow]

Valve Is Not Making a Game Console. It’s Making Something Better – They’re making a wonderful dream where Half-Life 2: Episode 3 was released four years ago and Valve never beat us to death with delays. [Gamma Squad]

Patricia Heaton (The Mom From ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’) Makes A Staggering A$s Of Herself On Twitter – Hey G-Town Gal: When you become rich, you convince yourself that you “did it right” and everyone else is making ridiculous mistakes! Don’t have compassion or perspective, plz! [UPROXX]

The Improbable Rise And Unsurprising Fall Of LulzSec – The FBI was trying to beat down Tommy Dreamer, but the lights went out, and when they came on SABU HAD MADE HIS RETURN TO THE ECW ARENA. [UPROXX]

AVENGERS ACHTUNG! Downey chews scenery in the German Avengers trailer – My favorite member of DIE AVENGERS is DIE HULK. [Film Drunk]

Will You Be Buying Apple’s New, Improved iPad? – Yes, because I have a girlfriend with brand loyalty and nothing better to buy. [Smoking Section]

The 9 Funniest Former ‘Daily Show’ Correspondents – Never appearing on this list: Aasif Mandvi. Thanks for your weird voice and helping ruin ‘The Last Airbender’, jerk. [HuffPost Comedy]

Brazilian late-night shows are a far sight better than their American counterparts: Exhibit A – Exhibit B, they freaky with big ol’ booties and they thongs? Blue yellow and green! [FARK]

You’re the Vulgarian, You F*ck: Our Favorite Verbal Film Fights | The 2011 Fun Oscars – Robert Guillaume vs. Morgan Freeman in Lean On Me is still my favorite. I don’t have time for Mrs. Elliott’s problem! [Pajiba]