Morning Links Are Like An Accent Mark

11.08.11 6 years ago 2 Comments

This is my FunFunFun Fest print from the weekend, autographed right in the middle by Donald Glover. I got to shake his hand and tell him I’m that boyfriend of the cute hipster girl he doesn’t give a sh*t about, officially making me the coolest and best person at the UPROXX Network. ‘Camp’ rules so hard, buy it.


Childish Gambino/Donald Glover Performed On Fallon Friday Night, Is Streaming New Album Online – The last five minutes of ‘That Power’ are better than anything I’ve heard on an album (of any kind, in any genre) … possibly ever. Completely f**ked me up. Support this man, whether you understand it yet or not. [UPROXX]

Meme Watch: Idiot Nerd Girl Is Less Nerd Than Idiot, But 100% Annoying – Thankfully I’m a little too old to have encountered too many girls like this, but Jesus Christ, they would’ve ruined my life in my teens. God proved he loved me by not bringing around the Internet until I was already like 15. [UPROXX]

Brett Ratner: “Rehearsal Is For F*gs.” – He’s just trolling us now, but to his credit, how many times do you have to rehearse when your script reads, “Lee. Lee! Lee! Leee!” [Film Drunk]

Tarantino & The RZA Connect: Wu-Tang Leader Joins “Django Unchained” Cast – Pretty excited for this. Less excited for the Tarantino Style Backlash that shows up between when his movies are announced and when they actually come out and are awesome. [Smoking Section]

These Dark Knight Rises Set Photos And Videos Are A Riot – If this movie was built out of the photos we’ve seen (and didn’t get a night filter draped over everything in post) it would be the worst movie of all time. 3 foot tall Zoidberg-faced Bane is not lighting my world on fire, guys. [Gamma Squad]

25 Most Surprising Rock Formations From Around The World – The King of Rock should be on this list, as there is none higher. [Buzzfeed]

11 Bloodiest Video Game Deaths – Sadly this is just for Adult Swim games, and isn’t 11 clips from God Of War. Poseidon’s death > yours. [Adult Swim]

10 Best Solo Dance Music Videos – A decent list, outside of Ciara. Ciara is embarrassing. If you “need a towel” after watching Ciara do something, you are also embarrassing. [Popcrush]

Amy Fisher Loses To Octomom In Celebrity Boxing Event After Taking A Few Well Placed Shots To The Head – I still think Octomom would implode and die if you punched her as hard as you could in the stomach. [FARK]

The 70 Greatest Last Film Lines of the Modern Era – The two best endings of the Modern Era – District 9 and the “constantly refreshing my Facebook to see if the friend request has gone through” thing at the end of The Social Network. [Pajiba]

A Gallery of Modernist Superheroes – I get these, but I’m pretty sick of reimagined superheroes. I can’t be the only one. That’s why I like the Batman video game, it lets me punch the Joker in the face without being like JOKER IS A GAY HISPANIC TEEN PROSTITUTE WHO WEARS AN IRONIC SHIRT THAT SAYS JOKER AND HE’S GOT A RETRACTABLE BO-STAFF AND JOKER-A-RANGS NOW or whatever. [Unreality]

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