Muggsy Bogues Doesn’t Think There Should Be A ‘Space Jam’ Sequel

Muggsy Bogues
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We live in a world where people can’t seem to let the things they love go, so we get reboots and sequels galore. There has been a lot of talk about a possible Space Jam 2, with LeBron James taking over for Michael Jordan. Whether it would be better to leave Space Jam in a ’90s nostalgia haze has long been debated, and Muggsy Bogues is clearly in the “don’t mess with perfection” camp.

“I don’t know who could play me,” said the retired 5-foot-3 guard. “Maybe Isaiah Thomas. Or Nate Robinson. Maybe they can play me.” (Via USA Today)

Bogues was one of the original players who had his basketball prowess stolen by the Nerdlucks turned Monstars, so if anyone is entitled to an opinion on Space Jam, he’s definitely one of them.

“I can’t see them making another one, it wouldn’t have the same appeal,” he said. “It just wouldn’t have that same flavor, it just doesn’t have that same flavor to it. And I know Michael wouldn’t do the sequel, so I don’t know how they would do it. Sometimes I think it’s just best to leave it alone.”  (Via USA Today)

Maybe he’s right. Instead of trying to recreate something that everyone loves, why don’t we just watch Space Jam again?

(Via For The Win)